Educator Masterclass
(For Professionals)

The masterclass provides the food & nutrition professional a series of education on food access and community nutrition education topics to enhance their professional development. Professionals learn about topics that are targeted to individuals living in moderate and low-income communities. Webinars are live and attendees can ask questions and receive feedback during these sessions.

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The Cost of Diet Related Disease Among Low-Income Households

Diet-related disease cost American’s billions of dollars each year and inequitable access to healthy food is a major contributor to health disparities and poor health especially among working families and those living in low-income households. This training will review the most common, costly, and preventable chronic health conditions and discuss why community providers play a key role in improving community health. 

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How to Build a Nutrition Education Program

This training provides professionals an overview of the most types of nutrition education programs and services available and how they are applied in the community setting from school enrichment programs, food assistance agencies to community health centers and hospitals. Attendees will learn about programming issues to be aware of, how to market and increase participation rates in addition to helpful resources. 

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Food Prescriptions & Farmacy Programs

Food Prescription and Farmacy Programs are intervention strategies that are part of a growing trend of food and nutrition initiatives designed to help low-income Americans get access to healthier food to improve their health outcomes. These strategies influence healthy food choices and increase the affordability, consumption and purchase of fruits and vegetables by low-income consumers, especially helpful to those suffering from certain chronic health conditions. This training will highlight several programs across the country and provide participants with ideas to build or enhance their programs.

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History of SNAP & Food Insecurity Screening in the U.S.

This training provides an overview of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in the U.S., from the programs beginning through the great depression to current day. The training also reviews the history of food insecurity screening in the U.S. and provides attendees with food and nutrition pathways that professionals can use to maximize assistance to needy families. 

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Food Demo 101: 
The Essentials of Community Food Demonstrations

Food demonstrations are a nutrition education activity that provide participants with education on how to create quick, budget friendly, healthy meals and snacks. This training provides newly or experienced food and nutrition educators a foundation of information necessary to provide competent food demonstrations for the public. Participants will learn basic kitchen necessities, food preparation techniques, food safety essentials, sample demonstration topics to teach, including what to expect when teaching offsite in community settings. 

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