FANN offers a variety of programs and services for community food & nutrition professionals and the public. 

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The Smart Shopper:
A Grocery Store Toolbox

The Smart Shopper Program, a grocery store toolbox, is a food is medicine initiative designed to improve and strengthen community nutrition education and food literacy skills in moderate to low-income communities to improve community health. The program offers professionals information on grocery store education including food data and training. In addition, the program provides the public with nutrition and food literacy education online to empower participants to make informed, healthy, and affordable food choices for good health. It offers participants a virtual tour of a grocery store with lessons based on each section of the store. Participants are introduced to new foods, learn how to read food labels, how to identify nutrient dense foods, learn how to save money while shopping at the grocery store and more. 

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FANN Internship Program

The FANN Internship Training Program educates and trains students to be future leaders and educators in the community food and nutrition field. Students learn the basic principles of program development and community outreach education. Students receive holistic experiences which prepare them to work in diverse public sector areas such as schools, government, community healthcare, public health, hospitals, food assistance organizations, faith-based agencies and other nonprofits.

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Nutrition Networking Symposium

The FANN Nutrition Networking Symposium brings together leaders and stakeholders in food, nutrition, and health to create awareness and strengthen nutrition initiatives, programs, and services to improve community health in Texas. The Symposium is the first community nutrition-food is medicine-focused event in Texas. The Symposium showcases community nutrition and food as medicine initiatives and programs with learning sessions, networking opportunities, and vendors. The Nutrition Networking Symposium aims to serve as a platform for organizations to collaborate and build upon nutrition initiatives by exchanging best practices and devising strategies to enhance health in Texas.

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Educator Masterclass

The masterclass provides the food & nutrition professional a series of education on food access and community nutrition education topics to enhance their professional development. Professionals learn about topics that are targeted to individuals living in moderate and low-income communities. Webinars are live and attendees can ask questions and receive feedback.

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Quarterly Speaker Series

A one-hour virtual segment where professionals and experts from Texas and around the country, share their knowledge with FANN network professionals about food and nutrition. Topics may include trending research, innovative community programming, state or federal agency guidance and more. This series is free for community professionals.

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Food Access & Nutrition Conference

The annual conference convenes diverse food and nutrition professionals to create awareness, share innovative ideas, centered around improving healthy affordable food access and food & nutrition programing for the public.

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Food & Nutrition Jobs Board

The jobs board is a service that connects professionals to food and nutrition job opportunities in 254 Texas counties. These include positions in diverse community settings such as schools, community healthcare centers, nonprofits, government, hospitals, food assistance organizations, faith-based agencies, and others. If you have a food or nutrition job opportunity at your organization and would like to share it with our network, please contact us at [email protected]. The Job’s board is a free service for professionals and community organizations.

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A repository of news stories, funding opportunities, food safety alerts, research articles and data related to food and nutrition news. The Newsroom is a free service for professionals and community organizations.

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